Ceramic coatings are the latest successors to waxes or sealants (synthetic waxes) and currently provide the best level of protection that can be applied to your car. Essentially, ceramic coatings are a liquid polymer that forms a semi-permanent bond with the paintwork.

Mobile ceramic coat coatings in Surrey

As with any wax, sealant or ceramic coating (collectively known as last stage product or LSP) the aim is to provide a layer of protection between the paintwork and the elements. Usually this layer has hydrophobic properties (it will repel water) causing dirt and grime to roll off the car rather than drying and leaving the dirt behind, a good LSP will allow your car to stay cleaner for longer. Because ceramic coatings provide a hard barrier between the surface of the paint and the outside world they can also offer some protection against scratching or swirl marks and will outlast other types of LSP.

Currently, last stage products can be split into four categories:

  • Natural Wax

    Any product that contains a natural (normally carnauba) wax is used for its deep lustre and ease of use but it is degraded by the UV rays in sunlight and so requires regular reapplication.

  • Synthetic Wax

    A similar product to natural wax but using wax substitutes developed in a laboratory. These products normally outlast natural waxes and sealants. Our favourite is Fusso, a product we use on our own vans.

  • Dealer Sealants

    Products such as Lifeshine, Gard X, Daimondbrite or Supagard have been sold for years as a “fit and forget” solution, mainly by main deales. Such products rarely live up to the hype and are outperformed by a correctly applied, good quality synthetic wax.

  • Ceramic Coating

    The very latest in nano technology, a semi permanent coating that chemically bonds to the surface of the paintwork.


Ceramic coatings have been difficult to apply as part of a mobile service as they typically required a long cure time during which the paint has to be kept dry, ideally inside. Recently however, ceramic coatings have been developed which have a much shorter cure time as they dry from the outside in. Consequently we are now able to offer ceramic coatings as part of a mobile detail service.

Due to the semi-permanent nature of Ceramic Coatings we would highly recommend they are only applied after the paint has been machine polished (even on a new car) to avoid ‘locking in’ any paint defects under the coating. For more information on our detailing services please click here.

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 Neighbouring areas may be covered for a modest fee.