We are happy to discuss your individual requirements or to recommend certain products. In addition to our regular valets, we also offer the following services:


Paintwork renovation, restoration or correction can be carried out to paint that has become damaged through everyday use or poor maintenance. Light scratching, swirl marks, hazing, dullness and many other forms of neglected can be restored through paint correction using specialized polishes and compounds applied by machine.

A relatively unknown 'valeting secret' can be used to remove many paint defects such as overspray, fallout or contaminents.  By using a Claybar the smoothness of the paintwork is restored, allowing any paint correction to be carried out if necessary.  


Plastic headlight lenses can yellow and go hazy with age reducing the headlight brightness and visibility and ultimately leading to an MOT failure.  Headlight renovation and re-sealing can restore the clarity of the headlight.



Paintwork sealant products such as Lifeshine, Diamondbrite or Supagard have been available for several years and are  commonly applied to new vehicles by the dealer. After extensive testing we can now offer alongside these products other paint sealants that will be either cheaper or out perform what is available from a main dealer - GUARANTEED or your money back !


Fabric roofs found on convertible cars need careful but deep cleaning to look their best. We also offer a water repelling treatment which can help stop moss build up.


As an addition to our full interior valet we can spray vehicle interiors with a chemical produced specifically to neutralise bacteria found in milk and vomit etc. A must when accidents occur!


An airborne system to clean the vehicle’s interior surfaces, this system is particularly effective for cleaning bacteria from the car’s air conditioning system.